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Mark Sands, 51, from Eastbourne, East Sussex, threatened to go to the home of Conservative MP Caroline Ansell and stab her "to death". The factory worker had been angry at proposed disability cuts, magistrates heard, and was charged after police said he had made "a credible threat". Mrs Ansell said she was used to "low-level abuse" but this was different. Live: More news from Sussex In the offending posts, made in November, Sands wrote on his personal Facebook wall: "If you vote to take 30 off my money, I will personally come round to your house... and stab you to death." Sands, who was sentenced at Brighton Magistrates' Court, posted additional messages including "End poverty, kill a Tory now" and, under the political views section of his profile, had written "Kill your local MP". An image of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox also featured on his page alongside the words "sawn-off 2.2". He was arrested after a member of the public reported a Facebook post by him to police. As well as writing on his own account, Sands posted a message on Mrs Ansell's Facebook page. Image copyright PA Image caption Mark Sands "wasn't thinking" when he made the death threat, the court heard Speaking to the BBC, Mrs Ansell said: "I remember where I was when I picked up the call from my local police to say that they had seen a credible threat against my life and that a เบอร์มงคล ผลรวม 45 local man had been arrested and was in custody.

On Twitter, there were complaints about "editing history" and censorship. Academic and social commentator Frank Furedi described it as "morally disoriented". Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption How open are the gates to Harvard University? And will song lyrics change that? Even if puritans had once been a dominant force, there was no suggestion that the frugal religious reformers were still getting an unfair advantage in what is now the world's wealthiest university. About half the most recent intake is from an ethnic minority with close to equal proportions of male and female students. But Professor Danielle Allen, co-chair of the university's inclusion task force, said in a statement that the symbols and mottos had to be appropriate for everyone "regardless of background, identity, religious affiliation or viewpoint". She said the current university song lyrics suggested that "the commitment to truth, and to being the bearer of its light, is the special province of those of puritan stock. This is false". You can join the debate at the BBC's Family & Education News Facebook page . Prof Allen also pointed out that the song had been changed before, with a reference to "sons" being changed to something more gender neutral in 1998.